Main achievements of BNK Estate in the field of commercial real estate in Minsk

The Belarusian government is taking active measures to reorient the state’s economy, including diversifying its markets and expanding production. Consumer expectations have also affected the sphere of entertainment and shopping, as the domestic market of the state is expanding and its infrastructure is being established.

The population has also begun to invest its own efforts in such sectors of the economy as services and entrepreneurship. This contributes to increased demand in the commercial real estate market, for the purpose of both business and retail. All demands have been qualitatively met as the market has been carefully prepared for this increase in demand.

BNK Estate as an example of successful entrepreneurship in the Belarusian commercial real estate market

In 2006, BNK Estate was founded under the leadership of Abdo Romeo Abdo, a company that is still in demand by the general public today, providing comprehensive assistance to customers and tenants, as well as quality service to commercial properties. To this day, the company still manages numerous properties and business projects that were developed under the keen guidance of co-founder Abdo Romeo Abdo.

Arriving in Belarus, Abdo immediately noticed the prospects of the Belarusian commercial real estate market and took it up. This became, one might say, the starting point for his ascent up the career ladder. His brilliant company, BNK Estate, is now an absolute leader throughout Belarus, and especially in Minsk.

The company has marked three areas of development for itself:

  1. Supporting real estate in every possible way, including investments.
  2. Controlled real estate trade.
  3. Supervision and care of commercial buildings and facilities.

Abdo Romeo Abdo organizes both the design of facilities and their supervision in order to protect and sanitize them. BNK Estate business centers have strong differences from other commercial facilities in the country:

  • All have the latest innovative technologies, implemented quality engineering systems.
  • Quality control of the premises and their maintenance is carried out regularly which is also profitable for the economic system.
  • The design of the premises both inside and outside meets all fashion and style standards.
  • Located in the most advantageous and passable places of the city.
  • Provided with the latest technology and equipment.
  • Each client is important, which means there is an attitude of long-term cooperation with each of them.

Below are just some of the BNK Estate buildings that illustrate Abdo Romeo Abdo’s successful management of its facilities.

Belarusian business center Silver Tower

Built in 2009, this facility marked the development of business centers in the country and is still in great demand among entrepreneurs. What makes Silver Tower attractive is that it can accommodate all office workers with maximum comfort and they will be very happy with the services offered.

Being managed by BNK Estate, Silver Tower has been able to understand and meet the needs of its clients for many years. The 17 floors are never idle, as they are occupied by numerous offices of local and foreign companies.

In Silver Tower, the office worker feels like a fortress in a good sense of the word, with regular inspections and timely repairs, as well as numerous caf├ęs and canteens, reliable Internet connections, and other amenities.

Rubin Plaza as the one of the best business find

One of the amazing features of Rubin Plaza, a business center from BNK Estate, is the style of its construction, its architecture and interior design, which meet all ultra-modern standards of beauty and quality. Here are also provided all conditions for comfortable work of each office employee, such as:

  1. elevators with soundproof walls.
  2. Eye-friendly lighting.
  3. Equipment for sanitary facilities.
  4. good parking spaces.
  5. Access to their workplace at all times.
  6. 24-hour security and video surveillance.

BNK Estate management regulates repair and maintenance work, so that tenants have more time for local tasks.

You can place the main offices of your companies and you won’t be mistaken, because the business center has a very favorable geographical location.

What is the Belarusian Terrum

It is no coincidence that the business center, consisting of eight floors, has caught the attention of tenants so quickly. It has a very stylish and elegant design, the most convenient location, and a well-thought-out layout. Working in the office here is a pleasure, because the management of Terrum, together with BNK Estate, is trying every day to improve the service of the premises and maintain an operational security system.

Cleanliness and order are indispensable attributes of Terrum business center. Everything here is maintained at the highest level – from office cleaning to the fiber optic computer network itself.

The mall of all time

modern business center at night

Galileo Shopping Center welcomes everyone and is ready to give them an amazing experience. Located in the busiest point of the city, the shopping center will be a great helper in finding clothes, outdoor activities, tasty gatherings or just to lift your spirits! That’s why locals and tourists are always welcome here, as well as the stores themselves.

All of this and more is the work of BNK Estate, which continues to modernize the building and adapt it to the changing needs of visitors.

Here are just a few of the ideas BNK Estate plans to bring to life:

  1. A gastronomic fusion kitchen space that will showcase culinary masterpieces and delicacies from different countries. This is the first place in the country where you can try the sea of different dishes and even enroll in cooking courses to be able to cook such beauty yourself. It is scheduled to open in March of this year.
  2. avant-garde cinema in the nouveau style, which can be compared with the best halls of London, Madrid, Hamburg and Dubai. Equipped with Dolby Atmos technology, with first-class Italian furniture and high-quality LED screens. The beauty is mesmerizing, and from watching any movie the emotions will be inexpressible!
  3. Shop-in-shop space, which will offer the widest selection of internationally recognized designers. This project will occupy 2,500 square meters.

In 2015 Galileo received an award as the best shopping center in Minsk. This means that services here are provided at the highest level. The location of the complex in the city center also makes it convenient. There is also a covered
parking lot for 500 cars.


The macroeconomic environment as well as the level of human development in Belarus clearly show the rapid development of the state’s infrastructure and domestic market. And with it the urgent needs of customers are developing, forming more and more complex and technically savvy demand for commercial real estate, which needs to be adjusted to in a timely manner. No wonder that BNK Estate under the leadership of Abdo Romeo Abdo is leading the commercial real estate market.